Bank Payouts
for Swift Transactions

Effortlessly pay suppliers, wallet holders, streamers, and others. Noda’s business-to-client (B2C) bank payouts simplify mass payments to individuals, ensuring swift and easy transactions


Full Control of Your B2C Payouts

Make failsafe payments with Noda. Pay your partners, suppliers, and marketplace users with ease, leveraging our advanced technology and expertise

Understanding industry challenges

Noda works closely with merchants and banks to understand industry-specific complexities with both C2B and B2C cash flows. This enables us to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your business needs

Banking expertise

With a wealth of open-banking experience in the EU and UK, Noda creates top-tier bank payout solutions customised to the unique needs of your customers

Money at the speed of light

Instant Funds Delivery

Forget about delayed payments. We are using FPS and SEPA immediate payment schemes to transfer money to your payees in real-time

Total Balance

Balance Netting

Use Your Pay-In Balance to Make Payouts

Manage your pay-in balance seamlessly using the funds to pay out. Harness this cost-efficient payout method and the instant availability of the funds

Avoid cash gaps

Balance netting ensures smooth transfer of funds without delays, and helps to maintain a healthy cash flow for your business


Use the existing balance to pay out funds, eliminating the need for additional bank transfers and extra costs

Current Balance

280 £

Tech Friendly

Seamless Integration for Better Payments:
Launch in Hours, Not Weeks

Noda offers frictionless integration with its API and front-end components, ensuring smooth merging into your platform. Experience quick and efficient set-up and start offering better payment solutions to your customers in a matter of hours, not weeks

  • curl --request POST \
  • --url \
  • --header 'Accept: application/json, text/json, text/plain' \
  • --header 'Content-Type: application/*+json' \
  • --header 'x-api-key: 01e7d75e-0cc2-42ea-a463-f16348e34cdd' \
  • --data '{
  • "amount": 1.24,
  • "currency": "EUR",
  • "customerId": "CID-012456789-1",
  • "description": "Order 1234-DS-1234",
  • "shopId": "d0c3ccd9-162c-497e-808b-e769aea89c58",
  • "paymentId": "119318-123-test-1423",
  • "returnUrl": "",
  • "webhookUrl": "",
  • }'

Up to 90%

acceptance rate

Secure and reliable gateway
All types of tech platforms supported
Easy API key management


We optimise your funds delivery to guarantee maximum speed and cost-efficiency while avoiding inefficient banking routes

Swift funds delivery

With Noda’s efficient routing your funds will reach their destination at lightning speed

Reduced costs

Minimise additional bank transfers and the associated fees with our advanced payout routing

Satisfying experience

Free for Recipient

Noda’s bank payout options offer free receipt of funds for individuals, unlike some card and wallet systems that may charge fees for the same service. This advantage is due to the banks’ obligation to provide bank-to-bank transfers free for their customers

Automated Payouts Review & Validation

By automating the review and validation process, Noda helps to ensure that all payouts are processed quickly, accurately, and securely, providing an effortless experience for both merchants and payees

Accurate: reducing the risk of error
Efficient: eliminating delays
Secure: verifying all that matters

High-end KYC on demand

Open-banking Payee Identification

Noda provides seamless KYC procedures using its cutting-edge open banking technology, sparing your customers the hassle of submitting documents and selfies

80% Verified
100% Verified

Bank Payouts

Fast and convenient bank-based payouts for merchants


Open Banking Payments

Fast, secure, and regulated bank transfers


Card Payments

Easy card payments processing for merchants


Checkout Form

Streamlined checkout experience for customers


Card Payouts

Effortless card-based payouts for merchants


Know Your Whales

Forward-looking financial insights for merchants


Virtual IBANs

Global bank transfers with a virtual IBAN


Sign in via Bank

Secure, one-click sign in with bank credentials