via Bank

Your clients can sign into your website or app with ease using their bank account. Our cutting-edge technology utilises crucial bank information, providing a seamless and secure sign-in experience for your customers


Fast & Reliable

Your customers consent to connect via their bank app or web interface. Our integrations adhere to the highest banking standards for security and compliance

Most reliable data

By choosing to sign via bank account, your customers grant consent for Noda to access their data. This ensures that the information you receive upon login is trusted and verified, providing extra transparency

Intuitive UX

When using their bank details to sign-in, your customers interact with the familiar interface of their trusted banking app or website.This eliminates the risk of customer loss due to registration difficulties

Fully adheres to regulatory standards

Legislation-Compliant Data

With banking data gathered through Noda, you can legally fulfil most of the monitoring, onboarding, and identification requirements and policies

Total Balance

Minimal Risk of Account Takeover

The possibility of unauthorised bank account access is slim to none, due to rigorous security and further prosecution. In the unlikely case of a takeover, the customer knows of an attack instantly and reacts fast

Robust security

Safeguarding funds is a challenging task, and the banking industry is renowned for its strict security standards. This is why the sign-in via bank feature offers your business the top-notch safety measures for customer protection

Client touchpoint

With this feature, your customer will never forget their login credentials, as their access to their money is always secured. This ensures you won't lose clients due to account login issues

Advanced customer acquisition

Pay & Go

Seamless sign-in and initial payment convert users into customers within just a few clicks. No need for manual data entry - all required information and payment authorisation will be obtained securely as customers grant respective consent