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Discover Noda’s WordPress plugin. Learn how to integrate Noda as a WooCommerce payment method for your e-commerce business.


Most Often Asked Questions

What are the requirements of the WooCommerce plugin?

To successfully integrate Noda’s WooCommerce plugin, please ensure you have a minimum of 7.0.3. PHP version; a WordPress version of at least 5.3 and a WoCommerce version of 4.5 to ensure compatibility. To use the plugin in production mode, you must be onboarded with Noda.

How do I integrate this plugin with Noda?

To integrate the WooCommerce plugin, install the archive file from the WooCommerce admin panel and add the API keys available on NodaHub after onboarding.

How do I test this plugin?

To test this plugin, enable the test mode using the Sandbox keys in the Noda Hub. This will allow you to make a trial run.

Does this plugin support WooCommerce Subscriptions?

No, this plugin does not support WoCommerce Subscriptions.